Helping students along on their path to graduation.

Increasing academic retention, grades and graduation rates.

Academics, Finance, Network, Community and Character.

Take the next step
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a better future.

Setting goals, organizing priorities, formulating a plan.

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College can be overwhelming for students. But, if you can stay motivated and keep your focus, there's no limit to what college can help you achieve.

  • Academic and personal goal-
  • Action planning to accomplish
  • Resourcing the student with
    the necessary tools to implement plans.
  • Creating accountability
    structures that ensure their success over time

You can merely go to college, or you can experience it at another level with ULifeCoach.

Only 55% of students entering college with the goal of acquiring a Bachelor's degree, actually graduate at the end of 6 years. But, with the help of ULife Coach, we believe that this number can dramatically change - for the better.

Adjusting to college life can be challenging, but students don't have to go through this experience alone. Our coaches check in with their assigned students on a regular basis and provide the extra guidance that helps each student transition from high school to a successful college career. By coaching students on how to stay organized, how to focus on their priorities and set achievable goals for each semester, our coaches give each student the confidence they need to perform at their highest potential.

Students enrolled in our program get results. They're more focused, more motivated and more likely to use these skills to outperform their peers. ULifeCoach creates successful students who:

  • Have the confidence to tackle challenges
  • Stay on a graduation schedule
  • Improve academic performance
  • Get better grades
  • Have better time-management skills
  • Improve retention